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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Temater chicken chef asad

Temater chicken is chef asad special creation and people love it

Daige biryani

Basan nariyal halwa

Banana bread chefasad

Banoffee pie chef asad

Afghani karhai chef asad

2 in 1chicken potato srick. Chefasad

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shahi Gola Kabab Recipe By Chef Asad

Shahi Gola Kabab Recipe By Chef Asad
Prep Time: 10 mint
Cooking Time: 25 mint

Shahi Gola Kabab Recipe Ingredients
Keema.........1/2 kg
Adrak Lahson..1 tbs
Garam Masala..1 tbs
Lal Mirch.....1 tsp
Namak.........1/2 tsp
Zeera.........1 tsp
Khopra........1 tbs
Bhonay Chanay.1 tbs
Khashkhash....1 tsp
Fry Peyaz.....1/2 Cup
Dahi..........1 tbs
Papeta........1 tbs
Hari mirch....2
Lal mirch 1tsp namak...1tsp
Adrak Lahson...1tsp Hara dhanya

Shahi Gola Kabab Recipe Banany Ka Tarika
Step 1- Keemay main adrak, lehson, garam masala, lal mirch, namak, zeera, fry peyaz, dahi papeta, aur chany khopra khashkhash peace ke esmain mix krlain aur choper main mazeed chop krlain. Esky bad haton ke madad sy gol kabab banain aur bech main pencil ya seekh sy sorakh kr legeya.

Step 2- Aab 1/4 cup oil ma peyaz fry karain aur esmain lehson aur adrak ka paste, namak, lal mirch dalain aur sath main 2tbs dahi dalain aur thora sa pani dal ke mix krlain aur esmain tamam gola kabab rakh degeya aur daam pe  pakain aur last main hari mirch aur dhaniya dal ke pesh karen.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Meat Puff Recipe in Roman Urdu

Meat puff is a perfect to enjoy with a spicy tomato chutni. There are almost 11 ingredients are required to make this yummy recipe.  You serve it to your guest and also with your friend and family gathering. Especially during eid ul adha festival people loves make such a easy and delicious meat puff recipe. I (chef Asad) always trying to provide you some good quality healthy recipes with the supreme taste that you like. 
Meat Puff Recipe in Roman Urdu

10 Health Benefits of Banana | Kaila Ke fawaid

Let’s study 10 Health Benefits of Banana or Kaila Ke fawaidBanana helps to keep your bone strong, reduce blood pressure and help to reduce depression…etc. However there are several others health benefits of bananas but let’s come to know 10 vital benefits of it.
10 Health Benefits of Banana | Kaila Ke fawaid

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lahori Paya Recipe in Roman Urdu

Many dishes of Lahore are famous in all around the Pakistan and lahori paya is also an amazing recipe that normally people love to enjoy during breakfast. Here is lahori paya recipe from the desk of Chef Asad with some simple ingredients that keep recipe simple and increase the taste of it. So please after try this recipe gives your views.
Lahori Paya Recipe in Roman Urdu

10 Health Benefits of Pineapples | Ananas Ke Faide

Let’s read 10 Health Benefits of Pineapples or Ananas Ke Faide by Chef Asad. In fact Pineapples is a juicy fruit that have tastes of sweet and tart and it is rich in vitamin A and C that helps to fights against viruses. Naturally Pineapple season is from March till June but it is easily available in all month of the year in local market.
10 Health Benefits of Pineapples | Ananas Ke Faide

Monday, September 14, 2015

Healthy Benefits of Apple | Saib Ke Fawaid

Eat an apple a day keeps the doctor away the doctor away, it’s the old age slogan…these days people are so busy that they do not take good care of their health…apple is the fruit which can maintain your health naturally and you will be fit for-ever. There are many health benefit of apple ( Saib ke Fawaid ) that you may read and make yourself habitual having an apple a day.. Share it with your friends and family as well.  
 Healthy Benefits of Apple | Saib Ke Fawaid

Lagan Kabab Recipe in Roman Urdu

Meat season is just near to come. Yes! I am talking about eid-ul-adha, when everyone loves to enjoy meat items with their friends and family gathering. Here I am going to share a Lagan Kabab Recipe in Roman Urdu with you that you will definitely like. So let’s try this recipe and give your view.
Lagan Kabab Recipe in Roman Urdu

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gola kabab Recipe in Roman Urdu

Gola kabab Recipe and Pori pratha is the spicy and delicious food item of Pakistan. People are like to eat in parties, marital ceremony, with friend and family and so on. It is delightful food items especially in EID-UL-AZHA for everyone.  So let’s enjoy Gola kabab Recipe and give your reviews.
Gola kabab Recipe

10 Health Benefits of Strawberry | Strawberry Ke Fawaid

Strawberry is one of the delicious fruit. There are various health benefits in it, such as it is good for controlling weight, Cholesterol, blood pressure and many more. Here I am adding ten most vital benefits of strawberry. Let’s read it and share it with you friends.

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